LX210 Accessories

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Yamaha Dual Tow-Point Tube

This next-generation Dual Tow-Point Tube for 1 or 2 riders has an innovative backrest and comfortable air-cushioned side walls to help keep you on board around every whip and turn. Dual tow points allow for two completely different riding experiences. Sit, lay, stand, or kneel while towing forwards like a deck tube or back wards like a chariot. Tons ofdouble-webbing foam handles with knuckle guardsand EVA foam seating pads pr ovide a comfortable ride that will keep you coming back for more. This uniquely shaped classic towable features a heavy gauge PVC bladder and double-stitched full nylon cover with all new custom graphics. Multi-functional, whether it ’s providing a unique towable riding experience or making the per fect lounge at any pool, beach, lake, or river. Designed f or 1 or 2 riders up to a total of 340 pounds.


SBT-DUALT-OW-11 $332.95
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