The FZ’s All New Hull Design

Yamaha’s FZ Series ushers in an entirely new category of product – the Super Sport.  It features a new hull design, built in the spirit of the legendary GP competition series, to provide an incredible edge to edge inside lean character that is unlike anything else on the water today. 

In the design of this new hull, close attention was paid to every detail – from the full length lifting strakes to the wider inlet duct to the angled chines.

The agile ride presented by the FZ series is aimed at the demands of the Super Sport watercraft enthusiast looking for solo domination on the water. 

There’s nothing on the water that has the agility and tight cornering ability for tearing it up on the water like the new FZ Series.

FZ’s have a shorter hull for a more nimble and agile ride.
Angled outside chine for lean-in turning.


The New FZ Series NanoXcel hull is featured on the FZR and FZS WaveRunners.