GP1300R Accessories

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Airhead® High Volume 12V Inflatable Pump

The AIRHEAD® 12Volt High Pressure Air Pump is the perfect pump for inflating your towables while out on your boat, or anywhere that you don’t have 110v current. Airhead’s® new 12 Volt Hi Pressure Air Pump w/ Pressure Release Valve produces 3 times the pressure of other 12 volt air pumps. Adapters are provided for all popular valves including stem, Boston, Leafield, Bravo, Halkey Roberts and more. A removable pressure-release valve limits the output to 1.4 psi, the perfect inflation pressure for towables. Hook this powerful pump directly to your car, truck or boat battery with the alligator clips connected to a 10 foot power cord – it draws too many amps to plug into a cigarette lighter. Volume: 410 liters/min. Draws 28 amps.

SBT-AHP12-HP-09 $59.95
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