Yamaha Educational Material
Make your commitment to be prepared and knowledgeable about boating safety. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself and your family with these basic rules of the water, to keep your boating experience fun and safe.
Instructions Video

Yamaha's videotape orientation to watercraft riding. A "must see" for all new water vehicle operators and passengers.

Be Prepared before you go out on the water!

Here's a quick-view checklist of things that are a must to have along when you ride your WaveRunner or venture out on your Yamaha boat.


Keeping It Fun On Your WaveRunner - Ride Responsibly!

This poster provides helpful tips when teaching others important operating features of your watercraft.


Boating Awareness - Know Your Boundaries.

These guidelines provide step by step instructions when showing another how to operate your boat.


Knowledge Is Safety - Owners Manuals

Learn about your watercraft's specific features, maintenance, and operation.
View your Owner's Manual online.

Additional Materials avaiable from your Yamaha Dealer

Riding Practice Tips

A guide to help the new water vehicle operator learn techniques and develop skills. Every person who intends to operate or ride as a passenger on a water vehicle should read this handbook.

  FX Cruiser SHO   VXS
  FX Cruiser HO   FZR
  Personal WaterCraft Rental Tips

A helpful resource you can draw from to develop an awareness program. Specific to your rental operation, environment and local laws and regulations. View the Rental Tips.
  Personal WaterCraft Renter Orientation Checklist

Here's a resource for PWC renters theat can make your WaveRunner rental experience more safe and satisfying. View the Renter Checklist.