Yamalube Prediluted Engine Coolant

Yamalube Prediluted Engine


A new generation of race coolant specifically designed for race engines to meet the most stringent racing specifications and regulations*.

Coolant provides maximum heat transfer allowing engines to run up to 15 degrees cooler. Pre-diluted with de-ionized water, coolant includes a fully formulated inhibitor package for control of scale and corrosion on all ferrous, non ferrous and all plastic system components. Also coats against cavitation. Also contains an antifoam agent that stabilizes at high temperatures, controlling against micro foaming and containing a preservative that also eliminates bio-film. 

This product does not contain any Glycols, Poly-Glycols or any Anti-Freeze capabilities and freezes at 32°F and 0°C.   

* Yamalube Prediluted Engine Coolant is approved by the following sanctions AMA PRO Flat Track, AMA PRO Racing, AMA PRO Road Racing, ASRA and WERA for use on the track

.5 gallon
Qty: 4 per case

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