Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner PLUS (3.2 oz.)

Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner

PLUS (3.2 oz.)

This product size will change name to Fuel Med RX, current fill is the Fuel Med RX formula. Designed for continuous use this concentration treats 5 gallons of gasoline, our special formulation not only stabilizes all types of gasoline but provides superior metal corrosion protection from the high levels of Ethanol sulfate salts in today's fuel & provides advanced metal protection for future E-15 fuel. No other formula provides this level of ethanol fuel corrosion protection for metals and aluminum fuel system components, an alcohol-free formula that not only locks in fuel potency but helps  to prevent fuel oxidation, phase separation,  gum and varnish build up. Good practice is to treat the un-used fuel no later than 7 days after purchase, best practice is to treat fuel at time of purchase.  rmulation, product labels will be a running change.

*Dealer Order Quantity=48

3.2 oz. Bottle

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